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About Me


我,嵇涛,一个90后的男生,毕业于哈尔滨理工大学电子科学与技术专业,从小时候或拆坏或修好我身边近乎所有人的手表、收音机、电饭煲、甚至家里的大电视。从此一发不可收拾,科技爱好者,手机发烧友,码农,程序猿,项目经理,产品经理,我都做过。对事物的敏锐观察,让我对世界有所感知,我想拯救这个世界,让生活变得更加美好(*^_^*)------just made it work isn't enough for me.

Me, Tao Tao, a 90-year-old boy graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology majoring in electronics science and technology. From childhood, I dismantled or repaired nearly all the watches, radios, rice cookers, and even televisions in my home. Since then, I have been out of control, technology enthusiasts, cell phone enthusiasts, code farmers, programmers, project managers, product managers, those all I have done before and still do it by the rest of my life. The keen observation of things makes me feel the world more better. I want to save the world and make life better------just made it work isn't enough for me.

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My Skills

C/C++ Coding 90%
JAVA 60%
learn skills and ideas 75%
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